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Editor’s Note: Coffee+Surf is The Inertia’s new series featuring essential ingredients to the surf experience: A caffeinated buzz and a few waves with surfing’s most interesting personalities. A surefire recipe for a good time. This episode of Coffee+Surf is supported by our friends at dryrobe. In our first installment, we head to San Clemente, California to link up with Ian Crane, one of the most stylish and affable surfers we’ve yet encountered.

Subject: Ian Crane
Coffee of Choice: Medium Roast with Almond Milk and Honey
Coffee Shop: Bear Coast Coffee
Location: San Clemente, California
Surf Destination: San Clemente Pier

“Move your body,” says Ian Crane. He kinda man-giggles when he says it.

“You gotta move your body,” he doubles down. “Just going surfing. Having a good time. Find any time to get out and do something and be stoked.”

That’s the key to happiness according to Crane. Profound, yet simple. A morning spent crisscrossing the San Clemente Pier on waist-high waves with one of San Clemente’s most notable surf talents revealed many simple truths like this one.

Here’s a quick list of more revelations from that coffee-fueled surf with Ian Crane:

1. Macchiatos and lattes are coffee’s gateway beverage.
2. Surfing waist-high waves is fun. Period. In good company, it can be divine.
3. If you get a chance to make a surf movie about yourself, think of a catchy name that’ll stick. Voila! Crane Brain.
4. It can be oddly satisfying to change into your wetsuit in a very soft surf changing poncho.
5. A friendly, talented surf spirit averse to self-promotion can carve out a fulfilling surfing livelihood without world title aspirations. His name is Ian Crane, and we’re cheering him on.

‘Twas a pleasure grabbing coffee and a surf to get to know Mr. Crane a bit better.

Be on the lookout for more primo coffee shops and waves with rad humans coming soon in The Inertia’s next episode of Coffee+Surf.


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