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The Inertia

I love the concept of Red Bull Bracket Reel. I really liked the little snippets of the college parties and their everyday life that a few of the guys used. I didn’t get a chance to live in that college atmosphere but I loved to see their real life fun integrated into the edits. That Hawaii edit has some straight up good surfers in it. A few of the edits reminded me of the old …lost movies and how much fun they seemed – little bit of fun, little bit of girls, and a lot of surfing.

Ian’s picks for Round 1 of the Red Bull Bracket Reel were as follows:

1 – University of Hawaii
2 – UNCW
3 – UCSD
4 – Monmouth University


Editor’s note: Red Bull Bracket Reel is a head-to-head competition featuring eight of the nation’s best surf teams. Each week schools will debut a surf clip and the one with the most “Likes” will move on to the next round. As an added twist, pro surfers will pick their favorites, giving that team a 15 percent edge for that specific round. Learn more about the competition and watch the other edits here.


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