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The Inertia

If you were to get into a time machine and skip ahead a few decades, who knows what you’d see. A dystopian minefield of a planet in the depths of a nuclear winter, full of Mad Max characters? A green, clean, utopia full of hemp and free of plastic? Either way, whatever surfing is done will likely include wave pools. Oh, it might surely include the ocean, but perhaps in a severely limited way.

Surfing is evolving before our eyes. Aerials weren’t even a mass-produced thing (not in any meaningful way, anyway. We see you, Christian Fletcher!) until maybe a decade ago. Now, however, aerial surfing is the new power surfing. It’s the soup du jour, if you will. And Jackson Dorian, so small in stature but so big in talent, is at the forefront of the kids doing things that… well, things that just don’t seem possible. But we’d bet dollars to donuts that the future, whether it’s a dystopia or a utopia, holds a whole lot of surfing very similar to what Jackson Dorian is doing in the present.


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