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There are sharks in the ocean. You know that. We know that. Jamie O’Brien knows that. But even if you surf for years and years and years you’ll likely never encounter one. Depending on where you live, of course.

Parts of Southern California serve as nurseries for great white sharks, but the little guys aren’t really interested in humans. Out near the Farallons Islands, however, there are some big ones (or so we heard), and there certainly are a few big ones cruising somewhere around Southern California. It’s generally not something to worry about in the slightest, as proven by the immense crowds of surfers there. Jamie O’Brien, though, recently had to worry about it.

O’Brien was surfing with a handful of friends including Blair Conklin when the incident occurred. It’s not the most uncommon thing to see a shark when surfing in that particular area, especially if you’re operating a drone and looking down from above, but it’s still a little unnerving. They did the right thing and came in immediately.


“I can’t believe that we all got chased out of the water by a great white shark!” he wrote on YouTube. “We are all lucky that no one got hurt!”

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