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River waves certainly have been in the spotlight recently. They’ve always been there, hovering on the periphery, but never before have they been illuminated quite so brightly. That’s largely in part to big-name surfers like Jamie O’Brien hunting them down and sticking them on the internet. It’s also because surfing them is extraordinarily fun. Jamie O’Brien surfs waves of all shapes and sizes very well and if anyone can be called a Waimea river wave local, it’s him. “I love riding river waves,” he said. “There’s nothing more exciting than riding a stationary wave. It’s really good for your surfing.”

He recently took a trip through California and, as you can see above, he found himself on a really good river wave. But since he won’t be satisfied with just that on his vlog, he hooked up with Tommy Witt and Ryan Sheckler to find a coupla fun ones.


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