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Last week, Jamie O’Brien grabbed some attention by arriving at the Volcom Pipe Pro to collect his contest jersey in…a speedo. It’s a curious pairing — a jersey and a speedo — that we’re not too familiar with. Attempting to make the WSL’s latest fashion statement, we asked?

Well, wearing a speedo made by his partners at Buell wetsuits for one heat in one contest could simply be shrugged off as a one-off gimmick. But now he’s following up with more speedo shenanigans, and that begs the question: Is Jamie O’Brien really going to run with this whole speedo thing and make it a trend in surfing? He’s not the first to do it, but he also wasn’t the first to surf foam boards in barreling waves or the first to pull off board transfers in waves of consequence. He is, however, largely responsible for those things being as popular as they are today.

The moral of the story here is that we probably shouldn’t be too surprised if college-aged surfers start flooding your lineup wearing some stylish huggers.


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