The Inertia

Skeleton Bay in Namibia has been attracting some great surfers lately. In late June, there was the Skeleton Bay Shootout, a quasi-underground event where barrel hounds flocked to the famed left-hander to test their mettle for a $10,000 prize.

Just this week, Nathan Florence showed up in Namibia for a marathon session in which he traveled 32 miles in the sea and sand. In that video, we also got a surprise appearance from Jamie O’Brien, who had just finished a 48-hour journey, but had yet to see the inside of a barrel.

Now, thanks to O’Brien’s YouTube channel, we get to see the Pipeline regular rip through Namibia’s XXL surf. In 23 minutes of raw footage, O’Brien and company log some serious barrel time in incredible waves. Here’s hoping another Skeleton Bay Shootout happens soon.


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