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You know Pete Gustin’s voice. It’s the voice of a thousand movie trailers. It’s the voice of a thousand television promos. It’s that voice you imitate when you say, “IN A WORLD WHERE…” Yeah, that’s Pete Gustin. And Pete Gustin, the man who’s voiced Super Bowl ads and commercials for The Walking Dead, for Archer, Family Guy, and SpongeBob, just did a trailer for Jamie O’Brien.

Jamie didn’t ask him to do it, though. “Yesterday,” Gustin explained, “I was getting ready to read the new trailer for Russell Crowe’s “Unhinged” movie. It’s a dark, scary thriller and I was in my movie trailer VO mode when I saw the news that Jamie O’Brien hit a half-million subs.”

While Gustin was standing there in the studio, probably drinking honey-laced tea to soothe that thrilling baritone, he decided to have some fun. “While I was waiting for my session to begin, I ran his open in the style of a thriller trailer,” he said.

Pete’s an extraordinarily interesting guy. So interesting, in fact, that we ran a profile on him a while back. He’s essentially blind, which, one would assume, would make doing voice-overs for a living all but impossible, but after an inspirational life overcoming any and all hurdles that come his way, he’s become one of the most successful VO talents in the business. Oh, and as an aside, he’s a surfer. A surfer with his own vlog, called Blind Surfer. “My own little channel has grown to just over 3,500 subs,” he said. “It’s no half million….but we’re still having fun with it!”

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