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The Inertia

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen John John Florence surfing at his full potential for a full-tour year. Plagued by injuries, the three-time world champ hasn’t been able to hammer out every event since way back in 2017. But he’s donning the jersey again for the Haleiwa Challenger this week.

Injuries are, of course, part and parcel of surfing the way John does — knees aren’t meant to take the impact that he puts his through — but hopefully the surgeries, intensive recovery process, and a much-needed break will put him back in the form only he can be in. We’ll find out at the Haleiwa Challenger, where he’s set to return to competition.

John John is famously dangerous at Haleiwa, a place that serves up sections that are often too big for nearly anyone but him.  “John loves to go for it,” Ross Williams said. “He likes to produce big turns and big moments. He’s very comfortable out here; there are lots of waves and he can keep his rhythm… so look out for John.”

For the surf fan, the bigger it gets the better, so fingers crossed the forecast holds true. If it does, Haleiwa will likely be at the size where John John shines, and the rest of the field is a little less comfortable.

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