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John John Florence stretching

John John Florence has a mobility routine that we could all benefit from. Photo: YouTube//Screenshot

The Inertia

John John Florence is widely regarded as the best surfer in the world. Becoming the best in the world — or coming anywhere even near that — is not an easy thing to do. It takes natural talent, years of training, and a special kind of mindset. All of which John John has in spades.

The back-to-back world title winner (and winner of just about every other award in surfing) has something special. He’s not immune to injury or an occasional case of the yips, but over the years of competing he’s developed a few things to keep them at bay.

“Staying grounded while performing at the top of your game is hard,” Vivobarefoot writes. “The strain of competition, constantly moving between time zones, balancing family life, and maintaining a positive mindset with the eyes of the world on you, can take it’s toll. It’s all too easy for ‘good stress’ to become chronic, with devastating impacts on mind, body, and spirit.”

To stay on top of his game, John John has a movement routine that hits most of the major points of the body important in surfing. And the feet, which are surprisingly all too often forgotten about, are integral to… well, just about everything.

“Everything starts down at your feet,” he says. “It is the beginning of the chain. It’s crazy how much it’s all connected.”

In the video here, Florence breaks down what he does and why he does it. And if you’re anything like me, it would benefit you to make something like this a part of your daily routine, whether you’re the best surfer in the world or not.


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