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The Inertia

After Josh Kerr announced he was hanging up the jersey in 2017, he began to surf the way he wanted to surf. Sure, he always kind of did that, but surfing on tour isn’t the best place for creative expression and surfboards that aren’t thrusters. And Kerr loves himself a twinnie, you know?

“I can do better things with my time than being on Tour,” he said in 2017, once he’d decided to retire. “I think I can make a lot more use of the world around me, rather than just traveling to all the Tour events.”

Kerr is definitely someone who makes twin fins look like the best surfboards on the planet, so when he showed up in 2020 on Bali’s east coast with a little 5’2″ under his arm, the cameras were ready. Above, we get a little reminder of just how good he is as he surfs the way most people think they surf.


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