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The Inertia

On December 31, 2020, Ian Walsh and Kai Lenny boarded a flight bound for San Francisco. There was a lot of swell in the for forecast, and they knew it was going to turn Maverick’s into something pretty unforgettable. “Unforgettable”, though, doesn’t always mean that everything went to plan. Surf trips often have more than a few speed bumps to navigate — the inherent nature of chasing a swell that’s dependent on weather will do that — and this particular strike mission was no different.

Ian Walsh recently created the video you see above. It’s a candid look behind the scenes at exactly what it takes to get those few seconds of clips the internet sees… and even though all didn’t go exactly as they expected, the trip was definitely unforgettable. “That’s what’s good about surfing,” Walsh laughed. “Sometimes you get surprised with dog shit surf… sometimes you get surprised with the best day ever.”


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