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It’s been a solid few months for big wave surfers. Jaws blew up multiple times as did Maverick’s, and Kai Lenny did the usual not-so-usual stuff. Kai Lenny called one particular day “the best in ten years.” Well, Maverick’s surfers were gifted another bombing swell to start off the New Year. January 2, 2021. The rain stopped falling and the fog lifted, and by the afternoon, it looked… well, it looked like Maverick’s when it’s doing the thing that only Maverick’s can do.

The usual suspects were there, including Kai Lenny — who must have still had wet hair from a giant Jaws swell when he landed in California — Luca Padua, Lucas Chumbo, Jeff Kafka, and Michael Joshua, and the crew from Powerlines Productions was there to capture the whole thing.

See more from Powerlines Productions on YouTube.


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