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The Inertia

The world’s known for a very long time that Kai Lenny is an exceptional talent. Still, it seems like he finds ways to surprise us with great frequency. Take Day 1 of the 2018 Jaws Challenge, for example, when Pe’ahi reminded the world that the Big Wave World Tour roster is made up of mortals. Jaws was so unruly that the contest was put on hold as a precaution.

Then Kai Lenny waited just long enough for the lineup to clear before strapping himself to a tow board and putting on a show for the world to watch. Lenny’s new edit, “Before the Storm,” wasn’t filmed on a day nearly as wild or jaw-dropping as that afternoon last November. The waves are far smaller and the offshore winds make for much better conditions, but it all still evokes the same thoughts. Kai Lenny just looks like he’s playing, goofing around, hucking airs, and having himself a casual day at the office. Jaws isn’t a playground but if anybody was going to make the place look like one, it’d be this guy.


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