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The Inertia

Longboarding is a special thing. Steeped in tradition, it’s a little more focused on fluidity and style than power hacks and aerials. It’s not better or worse than riding a shortboard, it’s just… different.

Kai Sallas is a man who knows longboards. He knows the ins and outs of a longboard shape; the little scoops in the nose, the wide hips, the relatively low rocker. Kai has a bit of a modernist take on the traditional single fin log.

“Coming from a high performance background, Kai has always prioritized power surfing and full carves,” writes the team at Firewire. “When he recently took an interest in more traditional style longboarding, he recognized quickly that he could add a hard edge to the tail and bring the wide point back – two updates that enable tight and flowing radiuses in turns.”

The board he decided to do that with is called the Mango Jam. Sallas gives the viewer a thorough rundown of just about everything that goes into it.


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