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Golden rules of the north shore by @kaiborggarcia x @jettschilling. Thanks for the help @kyle_buthman #🤙🤙

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The North Shore is a nice place to be. You know why? Because there are rules that keep it that way, and there are people who will enforce the rules. It’s like how society works, only on a smaller scale–and of course, the one major difference is that it actually does work. It’s very simple: don’t be a dick. It’s surprising how grey that area can be, though. One person’s dickishness is another’s politeness.


Kaiborg is a man who commands respect. He does it by being a very nice man while at the same time being a very nice man you just know you don’t want to cross. Here are his rules for visiting the North Shore. If you’re smart, you’ll apply them to your day-to-day life.

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