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The Inertia

For the past three years, filmmaker Nuno Dias has been busy capturing the life of one of the most enigmatic characters in all of big wave surfing, Kalani Lattanzi.

Filmed in Nazaré and Rio de Janeiro, this documentary portrays the Brazilian waterman’s journey from his home country to bodysurfing Nazaré.

Kalani – Gift from Heaven, features stories from some of the biggest names in the big wave scene, all having crossed paths with Kalani. Names like Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Ross Clarke-Jones, Hugo Vau, Maya Gabeira, Carlos Burle, Nic Von Rupp, Lucas Chumbo, David Langer, Tim Bonython, Tom Lowe, Dudu Pedra, and João Zik, all recount how Kalani’s approach to big waves is so unique.

The film contains a lot of unseen footage that would otherwise be overlooked, like historic Nazaré footage of the biggest waves ever attempted by a bodysurfer. And it’s all documented by an individual who’s uniquely qualified to do so. At 25, Nuno Dias has captured some of Nazaré’s most iconic moments in recent years. He’s won multiple WSL Big wave awards, including filming Maya Gabeira’s Guiness World Record wave.

Editor’s Note: Kalani – Gift from Heaven premieres this Friday, November 8 in Cinema São Jorge in Lisbon, Portugal. Find more info at @kalanithefilm on Instagram.


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