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The Inertia

Associate Editor Dylan Heyden hates the type of podcast where people just talk aimlessly for hours. Therefore, he’s not a huge fan of The Joe Rogan Experience. He likes things like “narration” and “stories” and “direction” and yes, I’m mockingly using air quotes to make fun of him right now.

Personally, I enjoy it. “Smartest bro in the room” is how another friend of mine describes Rogan’s interviews/podcasts/conversations, which is probably the most accurate description available to anyone who’s never jumped on the show bandwagon.

Remember when everybody freaked out about Elon Musk smoking weed on camera? That was with Rogan…after they’d spent about an hour talking about flamethrowers and building miles-long vacuum sealed tunnels under Los Angeles to rid the city of traffic. Or the bunch of times Neil DeGrasse Tyson said random things about the universe that made you seriously wonder if we’re really living in The Matrix? That happens on Rogan’s podcast a lot too. The guy’s sat down with Tulsi Gabbard, he’s friends with Shane Dorian — his roster of podcast guests are as varied as any list of celebrities you could think of. And now we have two hours of Rogan and Kelly Slater talking about broken feet, being friends with Steve Irwin, sharks, jiu-jitsu, MMA, engineering artificial waves, ping pong, and saltwater crocs, but to The Inertia ad guy J.P. MacDonell’s disappointment, “not Baywatch.”


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