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Kelly Slater is a successful man. World champion of world champions. Actor, entrepreneur, and a very big etcetera. But aside from being surfing’s GOAT, he created something that changed the sport’s future: the Surf Ranch.

Now, he wasn’t the first person to make a wave pool. Far from it, in fact, and he’s not the only one. But the Surf Ranch was the first one to actually have a wave that really and truly barreled. It’s a stop on the Championship Tour, and it’s just about as perfect as a wave can get — aside from the fact that it’s in a pool, that is. That’s why Mark Howard invited him onto one of Australia’s most popular podcasts, The Howie Games.

In the full podcast, Slater and Howard talk about a lot of things, from his first surfboard to what goes into being the best competitive surfer of all time. Also on the docket is Baywatch, competitive drive, and why, at the age of 49, Kelly Slater is still on tour.

Find the full episode here.


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