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Kelly Slater’s not shy about voicing his opinions. He’s not shy about his love for the ocean and the environment. He routinely does good things for good causes, like rhinosorangutansthe vaquitaUNICEF, Anti-DAPLPolished Man, and countless others. Now, he’s donating 100% of all of Outerknown’s sales to the Ocean Conservancy, a group that “creates science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.”

Of course, when Slater opened the doors to Outerknown, everyone freaked out about the prices. At the same time, they freaked out about Billabong, Quik, et al making cheap shit in China and North Korea. But now, if you love the ocean and love supporting good causes, you’re set! The money from anything you buy from Outerknown will be dumped directly into the ocean (not literally). You can buy this poncho, for instance, and $425 of your hard-earned dollars will go towards the ocean. You get a poncho AND you get to tell your friends you donated to something great. Or you can buy these pants, which are pajamas of some sort, I think. Then $206 of your hard-earned dollars will go towards the thing you play around in every day. You can have pajamas of some sort AND tell your friends you’re better than them! Or buy both! Donating $631 to the ocean is way better than the beer you were going to buy, anyway, and you’ll have a strange looking outfit consisting of pajamas and a poncho.

It’s no coincidence that Kelly Slater chose today to donate to the Ocean Conservancy, either. As you may be aware, the United States began its descent into madness yesterday when Donald Trump officially took office and promptly erased all signs of climate change from the White House, despite the entire world screaming at him to please, please, listen to science and reason.

“Today is a symbolic day,” he wrote. “To acknowledge that, we (Outerknown) are donating 100% of today’s online sales to @oceanconservancy. Please support choices which seek to respect and honor this one planet we have to live on. Small gestures become large movements.”

So if you were planning on buying anything from Outerknown, today is the day to do it. If not, join the Ocean Conservancy and learn about more you can do to help.


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