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The Inertia

Kai Lenny and Kelly Slater are giants of surfing. Both champions many times over, one in a single discipline and the other in many. Both know the ocean and the sport inside and out. Both have insights about surfing as a whole gleaned from both years of experience and an extraordinarily high level of talent. And in this conversation, they cover a lot of ground, starting off with Kelly’s recent hip surgery and what, exactly caused his hip to get so bad he was forced to go under the knife. We spoke with him too, but he dives a little deeper into the cause in his conversation with Kai.

They don’t stop there, though — they speak at length about the WSL finals, the passion of the Brazilian fans who will fly across the world to stand on the beach and support their surfer, the upcoming Olympics at Teahupo’o, and a whole lot more. If you’re a fan of surfing, this is 40 minutes well worth your time.


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