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Wim Hof is quickly beginning to border on mythical. He does things that shouldn’t be possible. By doing these things, he’s gathered over 20 world records, the most impressive of which is submerging himself in ice for almost two hours. Strangely enough, Hof was able to keep his core temperature the same throughout the entire 1 hour and 53 minutes.

And if that’s not impressive enough, he also climbed Everest in shorts, ran a marathon through the Namibian Desert with no water, and is able to control his nervous system and withstand illnesses. That last one was done under medical supervision in a laboratory, so Hof’s got something going on that no one else does.

According to reports, he’s able to do these things by controlling his mental and physiological states using the power of his mind. He believes that with the proper training, anyone on earth can do what he does. And because Kelly Slater is always one to try and improve himself, he’s been Wim Hoffing, or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes, though, Hoffing too hard can lead to certain things, like passing out. Here’s how Kelly explained it:

“When you’re doing a breathing class with #WimHof (@iceman_hof) on #FridayThe13th under a #NewMoon and Mercury is heavily in #Retrograde and you pass out and fall on your face, start dreaming and wake up wondering where tf you are and why does your face feel like you just got tackled on the football field and somebody was filming it all…but you think it’s funny.”


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