The White family (left) found themselves in a bit of trouble Wednesday, but luckily for them, Kelly Came to their rescue. Photo: @sarah_white_designs

The White family (left) found themselves in a bit of trouble Wednesday, but luckily for them, Kelly came to their rescue. Photo: @sarah_white_designs

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Cue the comparisons to Clark Kent.

In one of the more fairytale accounts of carnage and triumph from yesterday’s mega pulse that rocked Oahu, Kelly Slater has allegedly played a part in rescuing a couple and their infant child from a rogue wave that spilled over the rail guard and onto the Kamehameha Highway.

Photographer Chris White was with his wife Sarah and their young son Van when the wave hit and caused the chaos. Via Instagram, White wrote:

“So thankful the surf gods denied @kellyslater today cos for whatever reason he was right there to save my wife and kid who were swept across a road by a freak wave today. Forever grateful to the great man and so thankful my family is alive and safe 👊🏼 ❤️💙 Thanks to all the lifeguards too who saved many lives today.”


He mentions the surf gods denying Kelly, which sounds more unbelievable than a chihuahua reciting the alphabet. But in fact it’s true, if White is referring to the fact that Kelly was unable to paddle out at Waimea yesterday. Defeated by Waimea, then rescuing a baby…only Kelly Slater could have a day like that. But still, in classic Kelly form, he remained humble. Commenting on White’s Insta post, Kelly wrote:

“@chris.whitey thank you! I didn’t look at it that way but for some random reason I stopped there when I normally don’t and happened to be there. Lifeguards were on it either way and had it handled. So glad all is well and we can (someday) laugh about it. Van’s first wave was a huge one! Definitely a WA baby!”

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