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Kelly Slater just added another trophy to his overcrowded mantle: the Arnie.

Kelly Slater just added another trophy to his overcrowded mantle: the Arnie. Photo: WSL/MARC HOWARD WITH MONTEREY PENINSULA FOUNDATION

The Inertia

Kelly Slater has won a lot of awards. More than you, probably, and far more than me because I haven’t won anything except drinking games. He just added another trophy to his overcrowded mantle, and this one’s not even for surfing. He won the Arnie Award, which is basically an award for being a good all-around human being.

The Arnie, touted as “Golf Digest’s highest honor”, was created as part of an initiative called Golfers Who Give Back. Kelly, as you probably know, is a scratch golfer. According to Pebble Beach, “…Slater picked up golf at the age of 23 but quickly became hooked, telling the PGA TOUR that he plays 150 rounds a year. He played to a 3-handicap in the 2015 AT&T.”

The award is given in honor of Arnold Palmer, who was not shy about spreading his wealth around. Slater, although it’s not exactly well-known, isn’t shy about it, either. You’ve heard of his Omaze projects, which raise money for a variety of different charities, but he’s also a contributor to More Than Sport and Skate to School, the latter of which will help the kids in Lemoore, California, home to his now-famous wave pool.

“We’ll do one more giveaway [there], and that money will go to hurricane-disaster relief in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas,” he told the WSL. “We had devastating fires here in California, so we might give some money to that, too. I like educating people about diet and helping animals. I’ve got my hands in a lot of different places, but all are close to my heart.”


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