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The Inertia

Watch even the first 20 seconds of this interview and one thing becomes perfectly clear: Kolohe Andino has his head on straight. Maybe that’s because, as he puts it, he was raised in a beach town that mimicked a college atmosphere. Where he was given the freedom to make tough choices early on. And that probably helped make him who he is today. Growing up in that beach town, one of the best beach towns in Southern California as a matter of fact, certainly didn’t do his surfing any harm. Nor did having an ex-pro as a father. Kolohe talked about all that when he sat down for a Headspace interview with us recently. As we get set to open up the Quiksilver Pro France, we get some serious insight from the world number 12 who’s looking to move up the rankings as the end of the year rapidly approaches.

Video shot by Michael Kudza and edited by Kevin Welti.


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