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The Inertia

I surf and I happen to be a woman. And as a woman, I understand the importance of supporting other female surfers. I make a concerted effort to watch all of the women’s ‘CT events. And when I see there is a surf movie produced by women or featuring women, I buy it. I recognize that one of the best ways to show my support of the fairer sex’s place in the surf industry is simply with my wallet.

When I saw It Ain’t Pretty was available, I bought it and watched it. There are moments in the movie that feature exactly what I want to see: women surfing. But this film, like almost every other surf movie I’ve seen featuring women, falls into the same traps and narrative we need to get away from: take a break from surfing to have a spiritual moment and to talk about how amazing we all feel when we surf. Then, take another break from surfing later to talk about how women are charging just as hard as the men, building a case for why women deserve to be given the same opportunities as their male counterparts in a male dominated culture.

Enough. I’m tired of women surf movies that suck. I want a badass surf movie with ladies getting the spotlight. I want something on par with a great Taylor Steele movie, something from Cyrus Sutton, or a Red Bull feature, all with the focus on great surfing by women who just so happen to be great surfers. Let’s skip the dialogue and show women traveling the world in search of amazing waves, lay down a gnarly soundtrack, and just surf.

It is one thing to say women are charging as hard as the men. But it is time to shut up and actually show it. Prove that women are charging as hard as the men. The ladies of the surf industry and community need to start making movies that have a broader appeal to the rest of the surfing population; something that isn’t built on sex appeal mixed in with dialogue to remind you that these are ladies who rip.


Ladies, it’s time to let the surfing do the talking.


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