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Lakey P. ready to take on 2016! Photo via Instagram @lakeypeterson

Lakey P. ready to take on 2016! Photo via Instagram @lakeypeterson

The Inertia

Cut Back on Sugar

To be fair, I don’t eat crazy amounts of sugar as is. I am pretty good about it, but sometimes it’s easy to eat sugar without really knowing it. I am a huge fan of smoothies though, and I love fruit; they’re both so good for you! Unfortunately, they also contain sugar (good sugar), but a lot of it. So this year I want to tone it back a little bit with the natural sugars. I find it gives you a much clearer mind and a sustained performance.

Stretch More

I love to workout and of course surf tons! However, I am not the best at stretching and foam rolling after. Honestly I always feel so much better when I do it, but this year it’s time to make it a more regular part of my routine.

Eliminate Snacking

I don’t know about you, but I consistently get the munchies. I love snacks, and if it’s at the appropriate time, like post-workout or post-surf, snacks are great. Your body really needs them for recovery. However, sometimes I find that I start to snack for no reason. So, this year I am focusing on eating my meals on a consistent time basis and filling my diet with plenty of healthy fats to keep my body satisfied!

Take “Me” Time

A big goal of mine for 2016, is to really slow down a bit and take more time for myself. I think journaling and meditation are really good for the soul. I am really excited to get into both of those this year.

Mix Up My Workouts

Sometimes I find it’s easy to get in the same routine of workouts. It’s easy to just run, or just bike. or swim etc. All of those are amazing forms of getting exercise, but your body will get use to them over time. It’s really important to mix up your workouts and get new muscles working. Always keep it new and fresh!


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