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The Inertia

Life on tour for a surfers sounds like a bit of a dream. Bouncing around the globe to surf the some of the best waves with just a few other people out, most of whom are likely your friends. Spending weeks on end in tropical paradises, exploring said paradises on lay days, and, if the stars align, surfing those incredible waves when they’re at their finest. Lakey Peterson’s been on tour since 2012, and in those years she’s racked up a pretty fine list of accomplishments. She’s always a threat to whoever draws her in a heat, but when the heats aren’t on, life doesn’t stop.

In her most recent vlog, Lakey walks the viewer through her time in Tahiti for the Shiseido Tahiti Pro. Fresh off a win at J-Bay, Lakey ended up with a 9th place finish. In her video, she gives a bit of a history lesson, surfs like a cat on fire in a free surf, and, of course, pulls the jersey on.


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