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The Inertia

Laurie Towner’s like one of those men that shoots lions. He’s a trophy hunter, only he’s not hunting animals. He’s hunting waves the rest of us can only dream of either riding or just simply making. It’s how he makes his living – which got a lot harder when Billabong axed him from their roster. Although he’s easily one of the most talented surfers on earth, he’s not a competitor. He used to be, but in his words, competing “just wasn’t me.”

When Laurie was 18, he paddled out at Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania. It was just him and Andy Irons out there, while a crew watched from the boat. After paddling out to a point just a little bit deeper than usual, the boat erupted. Everyone was screaming. Towner turned around to see a beast rushing towards him. Head down, Laurie paddled for it, made the drop, and rode into the rest of his life.

That wave at Shippies was one of the most twisted, messed up waves ever ridden. And now he’s proved it wasn’t just a one-time thing. From Teahupoo to Pipeline, Towner’s talent in waves from waist high to skyscraper-high is almost unparalleled. And everyone knows it… everyone except a sponsor, apparently. He might just be the best unsponsored surfer on the planet. Want proof? Fast forward to 3:00 and watch an impossible drop become possible.

Laurie Towner


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