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Man, surf rage never ceases to amaze. Or the lack of common decency. Goofy-footer Sara Taylor posted this gnarly piece of footage from Bali today, of a man attacking her in the surf. You can pretty much see how it went down.

Sara pops up on a wave as another surfer drops in. She gets into a brief tug-of-war with him on the open face before he jumps out the back. As she’s paddling back out, the man’s friend, apparently, paddles up to her and viciously punches her in the head. You can actually see Sara’s head bounce back. That was no love tap.

A ruckus on the beach ensued between the two perps and Sara, with the one man actually going after Sara’s friend and filmer, Charlie (@appleshift4). Both Sara and Charlie posted the footage, as well as professional skater Nora Vasconcellos, who I’m assuming is a friend of Sara’s. All three were trying to identify the man who threw the punch, and commenting sleuths subsequently helped them ID him as JP Azevedo. We couldn’t independently verify that but the man in the fight footage closely resembles the JP Azevedo in this video, who apparently lives on Bali and is originally from the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo.

Why do things get ugly in the water so often? That wave, at that size…it doesn’t really seem worth it.

Editor’s Note: An update on this story is available here.


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