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Aaron Gold, alive and kicking.

Aaron Gold, alive and kicking. Photos: Benji Brand/Instagram/Ross Williams/Instagram

The Inertia

Surf reports have been blowing up with a massive swell running into Fiji. Big wave surfers around the world booked last minute flights, hoping to score the wave of their lives. Aaron Gold, the Hawaiian who recently won the Biggest Paddle Award, almost died for it.

Earlier today, Gold was surfing massive Cloudbreak when, according to reports, he fell on a set wave and was knocked unconscious. After a two wave hold down, he was held underwater for two minutes, then found floating facedown on the inside. Uri Kurop, who was born in Fiji and spent a decade in the Australian Navy, found him and dragged him out of the water onto a jet ski. From there, he was taken to a boat where Mark Healey performed CPR on him.

“[Aaron Gold is] Currently in the hospital checking the amount of water in his lungs. He wouldn’t be alive without Uri Kurop grabbing him with the ski or Mark Healey resuscitating him,” wrote Benji Brand on Instagram. “God bless you guys. Thank you Lord for being with Aaron. Please keep praying.”

While details are still murky, it looks as though Gold will be taken from Tavarua to Fiji for more treatment. Best wishes to Gold on a speedy recovery, and thanks to Uri, Mark, and everyone else involved for saving a life today.


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