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Surfers, for the most part, aren’t all that open to change. Not life changes; no, no, but changes to equipment. Shortboarders don’t longboard. Longboarders don’t shortboard. And between the long and short, there are a myriad of subgroups. Oh, not every surfer is like that — hopefully, you’re one who likes to dabble in different methods of having fun — but a lot of them are. That’s why, for the most part, surfboards look a certain way. That certain way morphs and shifts over the span of decades, but man oh man, does that change take a long time to catch on with the masses.

When it comes to big wave boards, “testing” is a whole different ball game. The consequences are higher. Everything is more difficult. It’s all ratcheted way, way up. Testing out new equipment for surfing big waves requires a tester with an incredible amount of skill and experience. A person like, say, Mark Healey.

In the latest installment of Healey’s Strike Missions, he breaks down a strange-looking experimental big wave gun. Healey got together with a shaper by the name of Ron Meeks... and lo and behold, it worked.


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