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The Inertia

If there ever was a man who lives up to the overused phrase “waterman,” it’s Mark Healey. Big wave surfer extraordinaire, yes. He’s also a champion spearfisher, a man who knows the depths as well if not better as he knows the waves that break above them.

We’ve covered his spearfishing exploits before (here, here, and here, if you’re interested), but he’s so dang good at spearing fish that it’s always a bit of a learning experience watching the little ins and outs that he’s figured out over the years. In the video above, Healey goes way off shore for some blue water spearing with a “young Jedi” named Maddix Alotus. That deeper water is where, as you’d expect, the big game sits. And in this case, he certainly finds what he’s looking for.


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