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The Inertia

Imagine, for a second, that you could grab pretty much any surfboard off any rack and make it do whatever your mind envisioned. Take out a finless little skim-type thing, take out a 5’8 or a 7’6 or a door you ripped off a neighbor’s hinges. You could take it out in weird waves and just… do what you wanted. No struggling with bogged rails or bungled pop-ups, just pure and simple GO.

That’s sort of what’s going on with Mason Ho. He is, of course, part of the Ho dynasty, and surfing is in his blood. But just because it’s in his blood doesn’t take away from the fact that Mason Ho is so good at surfing simply because he surfs A LOT. Take Mason Ho as a baby and stick him on a potato farm in Nebraska, and it’s a guarantee that he won’t be able to surf any way he can envision. The North Shore is his playground, and there are few people who play quite as much. Above, Mason Ho rides a 7’6 at Rocky Point. Mason’s not a big guy by any means, and his regular board is ’round-about 5’8, so this one’s nearly two feet longer, but Mason rides it like it’s the only board in his quiver. And isn’t it a pleasure to see such grace, such ease, such comfort? We think so.


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