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So far this year, Maui’s played host to six shark attacks. Two of them have happened in the last eight days, the most recent of which occurred when Federico Jaime got his arm and leg stuck in a curious/hungry shark’s mouth.

The shark, reportedly a 5-foot reef shark, attacked Jaime at Ho’okipa Beach. Matt Meola happened to be on hand to film the aftermath, and it is not pretty. According to Matt, by the time he showed up, the victim was already being looked after.


“He was well taken care of by the time I got to the scene,” Matt wrote on Instagram. “I was just the guy who filmed it. There are a bunch of heroes who saved his life include Scott Trudon and Luke, an off-duty paramedic.”

Reports surfaced yesterday that Matt helped in the rescue, but he was quick to clear up the misunderstanding. “Crazy how the media will jump to conclusions,” he explained. “I guess folks got confused because I posted the video. Let’s give the proper heroes the appreciation they deserve.”

After a tourniquet was tied on, Federico was transported to the hospital with wounds to his leg and forearm. He’s expected to make a full recovery. Thanks to everyone who helped out, and here’s wishing Federico a speedy return to the water.



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