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This is the second episode of the Pup Project presented by Whistle, a brand new series where we profile rad humans from the surf and outdoor worlds and their most trusted and loyal companions: their dogs.  This initiative also aims to give a little back to the dogs who give us so much. Check out Wags and Walks if you’d like to make a difference.

Meet Koa Brown
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Age: 4
Favorite Food: Everything
Tricks: Surfs (and sits!)
Favorite Place: Beach

It’s 7 a.m. on a crisp spring day at Dog Patch near San Clemente when Kam and Jade Brown poke their heads out of their modified van. Koa, their chocolate lab, leaps out. Within moments, she’s got a piece of driftwood larger than her frame in her mouth. Eyes smiling. Saliva hanging to the sand.


“She’s just sweet,” says Jade Brown, who operates her own line of wetsuits and also teaches kids a curriculum she’s developed that revolves around nature.”She’s really, really sweet.”

Her dad, Kameron Brown, who divides his time between longboarding, flyfishing, beekeeping, and working as a realtor, taught her to surf as a puppy.

“She loves to surf,” says Kameron. “I can’t remember the first time I took her surfing, but she was really little. I took her down to Doheny Beach in Dana Point and just put her on the nose of my board, and because she’s such a good listener it was pretty quick. The first wave I stood up I didn’t need to tell her what to do, it just happened, and now she absolutely loves it.”

Kameron, Jade, and Koa all knee-paddle out together at Dog Patch. Koa lets out a few excited howls once they reach the lineup. Kam flips around, and they slide into a wave. They both smile.

“The beach has to be her happy place,” says Kameron. “And what a better happy place than the beach, because it’s our favorite place to be. It’s absolutely incredible.”


Dog Surfs Longboard Old Man's San Clemente

And, yes, your dog can surf with the Whistle 3. Photos: JP Van Swae/The Inertia

Dog Surf Walking Beach San Clemente Dog Patch

Nothing quite like staying active with your dog.

“She’s just really, really sweet.”

Jade, Koa, and Kameron Brown in their second home.

Kameron Jade and Koa Brown

The Brown family.

Editor’s Note The Pup Project is supported by our friends at Whistle, the smarter way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels when they’re living it up, at home, in the park, or on the run. Check out our product review, and learn more about Whistle here.

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