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The Inertia

Menehune Mayhem was created with Fox’s support as a way of giving back to the children and teens of Maui. It’s a free one-day event for kids seventeen and under, and it showcases what the sport and surf culture in general have to offer on Maui. This year was the 11th annual event, and it went off without a hitch.

It started off with a beach check in for the competitors in the morning. From there, ten divisions – categorized by age – take to the water. The event, held at Ho’okipa Beach Park, is held in honor of Andy Irons, Eric Diaz, Justin Roberson, Steve Cooney, Tristan “Turtle” Brennan, and Sion Milosky.

All of the photos above were shared via goFlow, an app that lets you stay connected with your surfer friends. It is designed to create a network of surfers posting real-time photos and conditions for their local and traveled surf spots. There’s no replacement for eyewitness reports and footage to capture the truth.

Click here to download the free goFlow app in the iTunes store today. (Android version coming soon). and Check out more of Ian reports from the event, and real-time surf reports on his goFlow profile


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