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Mikey February is not your average surfer. Far from it, and not just on talent alone. Sure, he’s far better than your average surfer, but he also surfs on a whole lot of different crafts. He’s a rare mix between progressive CT surfer and a freesurfing, weird-board guy. It’s a good mix, isn’t it?

COVID, as you’ve noticed, is making global travel a little difficult. Because of it, February wasn’t able to head to California this year, where he was planning on working with Britt Merrick in person. Together, they were going to create a fresh batch of surfboards for Mikey to take back home to South Africa. Instead, though, they were forced to do the whole thing over Zoom and text message — probably not the best way to dial in a quiver, but perhaps the smartest, all things considered.

Once the surfboard quiver was done, the Channel Islands crew sent it over to Mikey’s local shop, Lifestyle Surf Shop. Watch above as Mikey walks us through the quiver in all its crispness. The CI crew was kind enough to list the dimensions here.


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