dawn patrol

Monday Morning Briefing (Life in 2016)

Monday Morning Briefing,
SF Bar buoy reads 3ft @ 17s
and 2ft @ 9s, W 265 degrees
Half Moon Bay buoy reads 5ft @ 17s
and 3ft @ 9s, WNW 290 degrees.
Light to moderate wind.
Dropping tide.

Monday Morning Briefing,
from the New York Times.
Trump, Clinton, and Samsung-
exploding phones and inflammatory comments.
Hateful accusations of hate.


Some will stick to the ocean, which feels sincere.
Unpredictable, but not conjecture or posturing.
Isn’t the outcome already clear?
Yet, we fuel the media fire.
Some will hide in the foggy, Chinese coffee shop.
Some will slide away beneath the sea,
donning their dark suits.

Not out of fear, but in search of solace.
Souls yearning for simple, pure incorruptibility-
a straightforward authenticity – found
in the pounding of the ocean rhythms. Greeting them,
the Aleutian procession, not with a warm embrace,
but with something unfeigned if nothing else.

The news will go on, Hillary will probably win,
the rest is just pomp and show,
but not the proper parade to fill
salt-encrusted cups.


(In the meantime Mother Nature & Hurricane Matthew send millions harsh, firm reminders of what in life is noble and truly worthy of our attention)


Only the best. We promise.


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