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The Inertia

Most surfers have a bit of a speciality. Filipe Toledo is a killer in smaller waves. Billy Kemper will smoke just about anyone at Jaws. Many others fall somewhere in between, but a select few excel in all conditions. Big waves, small waves, reef or point. Barrels or airs, lefts or rights. One such surfer is Natxo Gonzalez. He’s a surfer through and through, good enough at anything and everything to get excited no matter the conditions. And the bigger those conditions, the more excited Natxo gets.

Red Bull has a series they call My Last Two Winters. It’s a look at some of the best big wave surfers on the planet and what makes them tick. For the first episode, they pointed their cameras at Natxo, and it is a portrait of a man who is extraordinarily dedicated to hunting down the biggest and baddest waves on Earth.


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