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Nic Lamb was groomed at Mavericks. He started surfing the place when he was 14 years old, so it’s no surprise that the Santa Cruz native just took the top spot at the 2016 Titans of Mavericks big wave competition.

In a final featuring Jamie Mitchell, Tyler Fox, Greg Long, Carlos Burle and Travis Payne, it was the WSL Big Wave Tour’s #5 ranked surfer coming out with the title. The Titans victory won’t fuel Lamb’s WSL campaign but it certainly serves as a good homecoming for the local competitor. He was one of four Santa Cruz surfers to make it as far as the semifinals, joined by Zach Wormhoudt, Anthony Tashnick, and Tyler Fox. The title nabbed Lamb a $30,000 prize while fellow semifinalist Greg Long won $10,000 for the Boldest Drop Award and Jamie Mitchell’s Best Barrel Award earned $5,000.

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