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The Inertia

Nicolas Cage is a bonafide superstar. Weird guy, yes, but in the best way. Eccentric as eccentric gets. Spending your days under the microscope of society would be a tough way to go through life, but that’s the path he chose. Imagine, for a second, that you’re learning to surf. You’re likely aware that there are cameras pointing at you because you’re a Hollywood A-lister, and you’ve got a confidence that comes with decades of public adoration, but the sea doesn’t know that. The sea will treat you the same as anyone else, and Nicolas Cage appears to have gotten a taste of that while filming for his upcoming movie, The Surfer.

“To recap: the plot of the movie is that Cage stars as a surfer who leaves the United States to return to his Australian hometown,” wrote Cooper Gegan. “Once there, he is humiliated in front of his teenage son by a gang of surfers at his localized home break. In response, Cage’s character decides to remain at the beach and wage war against the gang. The film is being billed as a psychological thriller, directed by Lorcan Finnegan who helmed Vivarium. So we’re expecting a more serious tone than most entries into the surf-movie canon.”

Well, those cameras captured Cage struggling a bit while filming a surfing scene for the movie. It’s nothing that the rest of us haven’t experienced, but it had to have been just a little bit worse knowing that his struggles were being filmed. Mr. Cage, if you’re reading this: keep at it. It’ll get easier!


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