The Inertia

Sometimes it happens just like that. The conditions are far from being perfect. The swell direction is wrong, the wind is blowing sideways, but there’s something moving, something that makes you want to jump in the water just to get your ears wet.

You paddle into the first wave not expecting much but suddenly realize that something tunes in, something works. You just need to let go and feel.

Surfing is like that sometimes. Even though conditions are not perfect, you are at the right spot, at the right time, in the right balance. And that precise moment becomes a frame frozen in time, stuck in one’s memory.

I love to watch, to record, to then take it back home and study the images I captured. Break them down into small bits and look at each movement, at each wave being surfed, study the rhythm, the pace, the tempo. Find music and construct a small piece of video. That’s what I love.

Noon Waves was shot on the north coast of Spain, in San Vicente de la Barquera, one of Spain’s best longboard waves. Carlos Claver, Rubén Fuente and Norman Perdigó enjoyed a coupe of fun days there, surfing and working on their board designs.


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