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The Inertia

Before you get too fired up and yell at us about polluting a lineup, there’s a couple of notes we need to share about this particular spot below the Golden Gate Bridge: this looks like high tide, and you’d need a 12-foot standup board to sniff most of those mushy bombs. And this is one fickle wave anyway. It’s also worthy to note that Crissy Field, a popular windsports launch, is right around the corner.

With that said, wing surfing and foil towing are pretty interesting to watch below the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, eh? The dude with the wing has this locale absolutely dialed (if you don’t know what a wing is, check this). Now, what we can’t really condone is a boat in the lineup. But the tow foiler definitely stays out of everyone’s way and makes the mush burgers look….well, really fun. This is the absolute definition of “novelty surf.”


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