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DSRT Surf pool

The pool will use Wavegarden’s Cove technology. Image: DSRT Surf

The Inertia

Palm Desert city council unanimously approved plans to build a massive surf resort in California. The current timeline now has the Wavegarden Cove pool and surrounding resort targeted for a late 2023 opening after developers break ground this summer, according to the OC Register.

When the DSRT Surf project was first announced in 2019 it reportedly had a $200 million price tag and would be open in late 2021. But there have been a number of resorts proposed for the area in recent years and if the timeline for DSRT Surf pans out according to plans it will be the first to truly open its doors to the public for daily visits in California. Technically, of course, the Surf Ranch is available to people outside the surf industry, but not at the day-pass type rates offered at the wave pools we see popping up in other parts of the world.

And the Desert Wave Ventures and Beach Street Development teams in charge of the project are going all out on this one. The entire resort will occupy 17 acres within Desert Willow Golf Resort with a 92-room luxury hotel, 83 residential villas and a 5.5-acre surfing lagoon powered by Wavegarden Cove technology that fits as many as 80 people.

As for the pool itself, developers have laid out a plan to reach “net zero” water usage, which just means they plan to offset water usage to levels no higher than what was required for the golf course it’s all being built on. They’re implementing what they’ve called a “turf-for-surf” program, converting 20 acres of turf on golf courses to drought-tolerant landscaping.


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