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As often happens when brand new wave technology is revealed, a deluge of video of different pro surfers getting a crack at Surf Lakes’ plunger-like technology continues to pour in. Consider this your only warning: if you’re already sick of seeing footage from the Yeppoon facility, now’s your chance to see yourself out.

With Occy and Barton Lynch as official ambassadors for Surf Lakes long before it was creaking and sputtering and blowing steam, it was pre-destined that the first waves to break at the site would be ridden by a cast of some of Australia’s best surfers. Among them: Parko, Laura Enever, Mitch Crews, Connor O’Leary, Felicity Palmateer, and more.

In an earlier video from Surf Lakes, we saw Joel Parkinson get guillotined on a slabby right (see below at 00:22). Why the company would allow the first wave they show to the public to be a non-make the world may never know. Still, we can only infer that it’s that very same wave Parko called “hectic.”



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