The Inertia

We can spend our entire lives searching for the perfect wave or we can get lucky, find it early, and go back religiously.

Dr. Larry McGraw is a dentist who lives in Hawaii and did both. According to the man himself, he’s frequented Bobby’s Camp 32 years in a row now and four times this year alone.

“The camps at G-Land have changed a lot over the years and I’ve always stayed at Bobby’s,” he says. “From very primitive (lodging) and a hell trip to (access) to super deluxe with a speedboat. What hasn’t changed is the quality of the wave and all the good friends, both guests and staff that keep coming back every year.”

He’s a G-Land vet with a lot of mileage on the Grajagan track. Larry enjoys chatting, drinking a fine wine at dinner, and only surfs with Arakawa boards…oh yeah, and he also says he’s 69-years old. In this sequence, we see him getting barreled twice and disappearing altogether before shooting back out. Name a surfer who doesn’t hope to be in this position at the same age.

“I’m lucky that everything on my body still works. Going to go as hard as I can as long as I can. The best wave of your life only requires one bottom turn.”

What. A. Legend.


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