The Inertia

Footage from the past few days on the North Shore plays more like a mega montage, a super compilation highlighting an entire winter’s worth of makes and mayhem, carnage and conquest.

But in reality, an unrelenting run of recent swell has made time stand still in condensed and desensitizing glory. The waves just keep pumping. A calendar week feels like a whole year. People are growing premature grey hairs. Thanks, El Niño (not condescending…we actually mean it! Please don’t smite us with your mighty power!)

The above edit is high fructose surf porn. It’s condensed milk. It shows the three-day bender of waves post Volcom Pipe Pro. The contest was all-time, but isn’t the after party always better? People loosen up and show their true colors. We see Kelly Slater, Sebastian Zietz, Jay Davies, Jamie O’Brien, and a bunch of other Pipe specialists living in a real world Groundhog Day scenario. And after this marathon of swell, you can bet everyone’s a little tired, a little sunburnt. But nobody’s complaining.


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