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A long, long time ago, back when Jamie O’Brien didn’t have 700,000 YouTube subscribers, he had Poopies. If Jamie was the brains of the show, Poops was the heart of it. It was a little different back then in the Poopies days — more like Jackass than anything else, really — but Poopies eventually moved on to start his own channel. Our beloved Poopies met Ben Gravy for a quick California hangout, and he’s clearly the same old Poopies. Except that he might be a budding movie star. Maybe.

“Are you a movie star?” Gravy asked Poopies.

“Soon to be,” Poopies responded. “You’ll see the movie. I can’t tell you what it is right now, but you’ll see it soon.”


“Is Johnny Knoxville in it?” Gravy asked.

“It has to do something with him,” said Poopies.

Over the course of the day, Poopies hinted that he may or may not be involved in a certain upcoming film with a certain Johnny Knoxville in it. While we can’t confirm it, it would make sense. Poopies met with Steve-O a while back and he certainly has the skill set required to be involved in one (read, a willingness to hurt yourself for the entertainment of others), so we wouldn’t be too surprised. On the other hand, he’s Poopies, so the whole thing might be a joke… but we hope not.


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