The Inertia

At the age of five, I entered my first surfing contest in New Jersey. Alongside a small crew of close surfing friends, I continued my amateur career for next ten years by traveling to surf new spots, competing in national championships and jockeying for sponsors. Somewhere in my early teen years, I became fascinated with photography and began dropping off the competitive scene to instead shoot my friends free-surfing. From there, things began to snowball as I began to shoot more than I surfed, spent all my extra money on photo equipment and skipped school to go on trips to get to the places I’d seen in magazines. After years of going back and forth between surf photography and landlocked studio advertising photography, this past year I’ve decided to pursue the surf journey much more full time. After a productive first few months along this path, I’m excited to share the results and optimistic about what may lie ahead.

Through this gallery, I aim to inspire viewers to plan their own escape and enjoy the world around them. Even when I’m not hunting for visual treasures, I often stumble upon them simply by keeping moving in any direction. You never know when the clouds may break, the winds may switch or you may make a new friend.

Check out more of Trevor’s work on his website and follow his iPhone photography on Instagram: @tallteef


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